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Hi Ramy,

We have got mixed reactions on this front.

Though the subjects etc being taught at the institute seems to be doing their basic justics, we heard the placements cell is not so great.. so, it heavily depends upon the market / economy and if you are willing to get a job on your own / if you are not too enthu abt job part.. then may be its a decent college..

kindly let us have what other options you have in your mind.. so that we can help you with a better choice..

more details are at:

or college website:

best wishes.....
Hello Prachi,

First take the admission through MP-PET, Counselling is going to start after 15th July....
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Hi Abja,

It is totally depends on the college you are studying in, deemed universities can design syllabus according to themself, so their syllabus may be different than the other university, so you need to tell us about your college, then we can help you out there.

Cheers !...
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John. you are young and such problems can happen after losing your dear ones. But you must understand that if you work hard and succeed it will bring happiness in life of your mother, dear ones and also in your family. You should think if your dear ones were alive , they would have been more happy seeing your success. I don't know whether you admire Shahrukh Khan or not but even he had lost his parents but then he worked hard and succeeded. So remember to work hard so that your coming life for you and your mother become easy. See if in future you need money for your mother or best friend from where you will bring that . You need to work hard and earn that. I will suggest you to read biographies of famous people and learn how they had succeeded in hardship days. And be free to ask and don't worry what happened in past, Work hard in your studies . Once you succeed no one is going to check what you have done in your classes. Actually you will be more admired if you succeed now.... ► Read more
You can do Master of Engineering in Environment Management. he eligibility criteria for pursuing a master’s degree are holding a bachelor's degree in (B.E/B.Tech) or any other equivalent branches of engineering. The duration for the course is 2 years.
Some of its specialized fields are: -

Public Health
Industrial Hygiene
Radiation Protection
Air Pollution Control
Land Management
Wastewater Management
Solid Waste Disposal
Toxic Materials Control
Geo-Environmental Engineering
Hazardous Waste Management
Design and Construction of Landfills

you can choose your specilization according to your interest.

All the best..............
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Hi Kinshu,

Very sorry to hear that. You can't do anything in this case, meeting with an accident and then facing a degree extension was never your fault. Though it becomes difficult to justify it but you can definitely try and explain the people in the interview panel as to what had happened with you, they will definitely understand you. You can also look options outside your campus placements as well. This is definitely not a very big issue as your knowledge about the field counts the most.

As compared to others you will be at a disadvantage but I am sure with your knowledge and expertise you will definitely come out with flying colours.

Best of Luck

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Hi Princy,

The semester system that the Delhi University has started is only for the regular courses, it is not for the courses in distance learning.

Best Wishes!

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Hello Prachi,

MP-PET counselling will start after 15th July....
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Hi Mandeep,

First of all congratulations, as you would be completing your post graduate degree that too in coveted MBA HR.

Why are you looking for some courses after MBA ??? If you academically oriented then you might like to go for PhD else you can take up some personality development certificates which would help you in taking up a job.

All The Best...
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MBA HR is a good option. Apart from it you can also opt for MBA Finance, Marketing and sales, Accounting , International Business etc.
Other are
# Master in Business economics
# Acutaries
# CA
# CS
# Public relations and Advertising
# Mass communication

Now , what is public relation?
In a simple language, Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing communication between an organization and its publics.
Every sector today has a public relation department. Public relations provide a service for the company by helping to give the public and the media a better understanding of how the company works.PR also helps the company to achieve its full potential. They provide feedback to the company from the public....
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