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First you have to tell what is your qualification then i can tell you what to do and how. You have to complete your education first then thinks for job.Better qualification gives you better job opportunities.

Best of luck...
You always can.1 years exp and BCA you can get a job into any small or medium IT company. if u are doing job as a lab assistant you must have some exposure to the technology. it would be better you stick to your job for a year more and get some certifications done like CCNA,RHCE,juniper certifications etc. that will add to your resume and meanwhile you would gather more work experience as you are already doing a job. this will help you take a big leap forward.good luck....... ► Read more
You can try for PSUS job for example ONGC, DRDO, SAIL, GAIL, NTPC , BARC , BHEL ,IOCL e.t.c Mechanical engineers are always in demand private or govt.sector.The only problem is age factor .Whether you want to work only in mechanical or any job in govt. sector age create limitation. So you need to see that . Companies in the field of govt sector do hire ex servicemen But for that please remain updated about vacancy Please remain updated about vacancy through through newspapers, job portals like ,,, social networking site like LINKEDIN, APNA CIRCLE , recruitment consultants .You can also send your resume to company of this field. Try for both private and govt.sector simultaneously . Whatever happen first take it. Anyway govt. job take lot of time .

For re-settlement and welfare of ex-servicemen, the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare was created in the Ministry of Defence in year 2004. It was essentially established to look after the rehabilitation and prosperity of ex-servicemen and their families, through its two divisions- Resettlement and Pension. The Resettlement Division looks after the employment opportunities for ex-servicemen. It also organizes various training programmes to make them apt for civil employment. Ex-servicemen are also facilitated with reservation, age relaxation and exemption from application fee while applying for various Government jobs.Government has reserved the posts for ex-servicemen in Central PSUs, Nationalised Banks, Paramilitary Forces (as Assistant commandants) and State Government jobs. The Director General of Resettlement (DGR) also sponsors private ex-servicemen security agencies that provide
security guards to PSUs and the private sector industries. It is not possible that all ex-servicemen get Government jobs, therefore, some self-employment schemes like SEMFEX-II, SEMFEX-III and National Equity Fund Scheme have also been initiated by the Government of India to
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