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Sjbit bangalore placement reviews - 78 to 88 of 247 results

Getting good job at the time of placement will be dependent on your college repute, your performance in interview , your academic record and also on company e.t.c. So there are lot of factors behind it. In future your performance in company, networking all will matter in further career growth.As a fresher it is always good if you get placed from college. When you have just passed out from college , you don' have experience on basis of which you can get job and there are very less chances that you know people who can help you in finding job . So campus placement is the best way for fresher to get job
You can also take help of company personnel where you have done some project or internship.
What you need to do is to perform well in job interview or whatever their recruiting exam is. Work on things that you have learnt in your college( conceptual clarity ) , be confident, work on your communication skill , also on day of interview be prepared with necessary documents, and be properly dressed. See where you are lacking and work on it. Be flexible in terms of salary , relocation , work timing e.t.c. It will increase your chance of getting job . Emphasize on chance of learning that you will get in company . At the end of interview also ask 1 to 2 questions regarding company so that they will see that you have come after reading about company. Actually read about company before going for interview. If you don't know answer say no . There is no harm in it . You can also take help of your college alumni network in getting placed.Make a good resume and try to network with people in this field.

Computer science and engineering graduates find their footing in system study, analysis, design and programming. Computer engineers design, develop and maintain software. They are engaged in analyzing problems for solutions, formulating and testing, using advanced communications or multi-media equipment or working in teams for product development.

Hi Peeyush,

A 3-d graphic designer, and a graduate in animation and multimedia, on the top of it an MBA in advertising and brand management.
Thats a terrific combination I must say. Look at the no. of opportunities you have. You must be highly creative and think more out of the box than your colleagues. The advertisement and the brand management filed is the place where you can use your previous creative and artistic experience of multimedia and designing.

Just go with the flow, crack a great job and success will follow if you work hard and are dedicated.


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Hi pratik,
As far as EMDI is concerned i have not heard much about it. According to some of its students it is a fairly good institute. Check the website for more details.

Other institutes are
1. IIMC, delhi
2. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management,Pune
3. Apeejay institute of mass communication, delhi
4. EMPI Institute of Advertising and Communications, New Delhi...
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I see Mr. Raman ansewring your questions on the same line..I hope it has been well answered. All the best !... ► Read more
If you want to do sap you can do SAP(FICO) or HR it wil be the best for you... ► Read more
Yes you can do emba(emba) .An Executive MBA programme is for experienced professionals to obtain a master’s degree in Business Administration with
a schedule that is suitable to their work schedule.

Executive MBA (EMBA) students are required to complete their degrees in two years or less.

By doing EMBA you can get new skills and improve your analytical abilities by combining the course with day-to-day professional life.

Most MBA programs have following eligibility criteria :
You should be a graduate in any discipline and should have at least 5 years of full time professional experience
You also need a valid GMAT score (taken within the last 36 months at the time of application) and also a good proficiency in English

All the best...........

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Hi Bheem

Sorry we not of much help to you in this regard. Hope member from community could answer you.

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Dear Rajiv,

We apologize for the delay in response.

For your acads, its preferable to ramp up to some graduation degree like in Mechanical Engineering (as you are already Gr3 Mech) etc to reach your dream positions. Kindly don't go for diploma courses further, as they won't further help much to your profile

Our best wishes......
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Hi ,

We at Nucleus - Pune offer PGPM - MBA options. We have some world class facility and fees is nominal compared to the college you mentioned. The total fees if 3 lakhs for two years.

Nucleus- Pune strives to encourage coming generation and work on overall development of students with guaranteed Placements. You can chat with me more about this

Please see more about this program here:

To Know More Click Here
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Hi Sweet,

Always remember my words:" ANY EXCEPTION IN THIS WORLD IS LOOKED UNDER THICK MICROSCOPE"... so, if you say that you didn' t complete your 12th standard.. then you have to give a proper reason for the MBA institute proving your inability to continue studies.

If it is any financial difficulty / necessity to work in family business etc, we need to mention that to them clearly.

Its diffcult to sort out universities which do / don't accept MBA's with their BBA's with out 12th standard degrees. Because, many universities do accept people with unanticipated drop out scenario's. I have a suggestion.. kindly prepare a single email & send it out to all the universties (one email per university that you are interested in applying) and tell them your education background. Give a proper reason explaining the reasons for you to drop out (in a single line.. don't explain much).

I am sure you will get a positive response / atleast some sort of communication back..

My best wishes.....
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Hi Arun,

Check out SAHHEAL Learning Studio. You can become a SAHHEAL Healing Consultant

link: www.sahheal.com

Best regards,

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