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Most of the students face this problem at your age.... But there is nothing to panic.... There are a lot many career opportunities who opts for maths with bio..... Most commonly students opt for either engineering or medical field, but career is not so limited you can also pursue with animation, game designing, mass communication, law, hotel management, fashion designing, counselling, just B.Sc. and many such other. If you are interested in Army, Navy or Air Force you can even apply for National Defense Academy...... All the fields are equally good, you just need to choose one which suits you............
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First u chose a field of your interest, b cos 90% of career courses started after 12th only. i would say if u think of any career based on your WISH, HOBBY. IMAGINATION,INTEREST,APTITUDE,DREAM etc,,, u can do by appearing an entrance test, like fashion technology, u have to write entrance test conducted by nift, if u opt acting as a career u hv to write an entrance test conducted by national scool of drama or national institue of acting pune etc...if u opt career in design then u hv to write an entrance test conducted by National institute of design,ahmedabad.if u r interested a career in Law, then u hv to write entrance test*CLAT*. if u wants a career in engineering then u hv to write AIEEE OR JEE..( from next year JEE may not be in force). many more entrance tests u hv to attend. here i would suggest you please be in touch with and read carefully the Q&A for better understanding of careers till your time comes to act.... ► Read more
Hello Josef,

The courses offered in the Institute Of Armament Technology Pune are :

ME (Mechanical - Guided Missiles),ME (Mechanical - Combat Vehicles). ME (Mechanical - Marine Engineering),ME (Mechanical - Weapons) . ME (Mechanical - Air Armament) ,ME (Electrical & Telecommunication - Naval Weapons),M.Tech (Modelling & Simulation),M.Tech (Lasers & Electro-Optics) .

Other Specialized courses are :

Technical Staff Officers Course (Army) ,Tank Technology Course ,Naval Technical Staff Course ,Technical Staff Officers Course (Air Force) ,Aerospace Quality Assurance & Management Course ,High Energy Materials Course ,Indian Ordnance Factory Service Officers Course ,Armored Vehicle Technology Course ,Aircrew Ejection System Course ,Aircraft Weapon Delivery Systems Course ,Modern Air,Weapons Course ,Air Launched Missile Course ,Marine Propulsion Control Technology Course ,Naval Weapon & Missile Technology, Course ,Integrated Foundation & Orientation Course ,Guided Weapons Course for Senior Officers ,Deputy Armament Supply Officers Course ,Guided Weapons Introductory Course for Naval Officers (Foreign) EMI/EMC Course ,Quality Assurance & Reliability Engineering Course etc.

I don't know why your mails were not delivered because this is the correct id.Anyway here I am giving you an another e-mail id also.

Best of Luck

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Dear Sanjeev, 

If you want to do Civil Engineering, you need to clear Joint Entrance or other similar competitive exams. Otherwise you might can take direct admission on reserved seats but that will cost you in few lakhs and also not suggestable. However, if you still want to choose that way, you may let me know, i'll give you reference.

If this year you have not cleared the exam, why don't you focus and study harder so that you can make it next year? 

Praheli D Chowdhuri...
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Dear student, your Question is good but incomplete,
plz furnish more details like where you wish to take admission ( state/city)
there are many good colleges in most of the cities/states in india, whether u r willing to opt within your city or beyond your state geographical limits....
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Dear student,
you have asked very much interesting question,
organic chemistry has very gud career
to become a professional in chemistry and to become scientist you shold plan your career like this
first step:: join B.Sc in Chemistry ( as a main subject )
2nd step:: join masters degree in Chemistry M.Sc in chemistry/organic/inorganic)
3rd step:: write CSIR NET exam conducted by CSIR.for Junior/senior reseach fellow.
4th step:: join as a junior scientist/junior fellow in any of prestigeous scinece lab. like IICT,BARC , etc
Avice::: opt for a BEST COLLEGE for science,
best of luck...
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To know what you should do after 12th should go for PSYCHOMETRIC ASSESSMENT TEST offered by MERA CAREER GUIDE.Understand your interest and potential for different subjects and proceed with the career in that subject.
Explore all the options other than phy,,chem,maths,comp and science.
Listen to your inner voice and proceed in life.
Best of luck!!!!!!!...
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Hi Salonee,

There are a lot of career options available with commerce stream. The choice of selecting the career is your interest areas.
Some of the suggested options are:

Mass communication and journalism
Advertising and PR
Business management
Banking and Insurance
Economics Hons
Human resource management
Social work and rural development
Event management
Merchant navy /Army
Civil services and Administrative services
and more....

Revert back with your area of interest.

Good luck
Career counselor
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It is sad t hear that you have failed in your 11th class. It is very tough as well so you should not feel sad for that as well. Instead you should work hard this time.

As you said that you got a grade of 6 in your 10th and still took science that is actually not the case there are many people who do not score good marks in their class 10th because they do not like a particular subject but they score good marks once in 11th as they like the subject a lot.

Probably this happened with you because you do not like the Stream. So it would be better to change it. You can go for Commerce if you have interest and Aptitude for it.

If you are confused you can even take the help of the Stream Suggestor that MeraCareerGuide offers which will help you take the right and informed stream choices.

Best Wishes!
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