Syllabus for icse 2011 of history for std 10 - 1 to 7 of 7 results

With the ongoing unification in the standards of education all boards have adapted almost the same course structure. So there is nothing to worry about. The difficulty level also has come to a common platform. But yes it is slightly tough to score marks in ICSE board as compared to other boards.

The number of subjects that one has to study is more as compared to other boards.

The focus of ICSE board is purely on academics as compared to CBSE whose focus is on holistic development of the child.

So yes it could be said that it is slightly tough to score marks in ICSE board. But remember hard work and determination is required to score good marks in each board.
    To know the revaluation procedure for icse 10th for your son you should contact the school people where he was studing.They are the best people to guide you in this subject.
You can google and get the link and can apply on line for the same.
          All the best....
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Changing board from CBSE to ICSE board will not help you in scoring better marks in any ways. Instead you might even find ICSE board tough.

For CBSE follows a Continues Comprehension Evaluation in which student’s performance is not only tracked academically but also on the basis of extracurricular activities i.e. it focuses on the holistic development of the child. A grading system is followed under which a student scoring very less grades will also not fail, until and unless he or she is very poor in studies and gets an F grade.

The CBSE syllabus is designed in a very scientific manner, where the syllabus has been divided into various units. It also gives the weightage of marks each unit carries. Hence it becomes easy for students to prepare themselves accordingly.

The number subjects that you will have to study in CBSE are less as compared to the other boards.

The CBSE syllabus also covers the syllabus of many competitive exams, which will help you a lot in later years.

Hence it would be suggested that if you are changing your board from CBSE to ICSE so that you can score better marks then it would be suggested that you should not do the same and continue your studies in CBSE board only.
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Yes, if you are willing to change your board then you can surely opt for CBSE. There are many advantages of studying in a CBSE board over other boards. They are as follows:

• The CBSE syllabus is presented in a more scientific manner. The entire syllabus is divided into units and every unit is allotted the number of periods required to cover it in the year and also the weightage of marks it will carry in the examination. Thus, the teacher and student can plan the study of the various segments of the syllabus accordingly. This not so in ISC.

• The examination pattern of entrance examinations (IIT-JEE, AIEEE & PMT) follows that of CBSE since CBSE conducts these examinations. ICSE has no role in this. This puts those ISC students who are interested in competitive examinations at a disadvantage as they need to reorient themselves to a different system.

• The ICSE syllabus (Class X) is very heavy compared to that of CBSE. ICSE has two papers in English, whereas CBSE has only one. ICSE has three papers in Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) whereas CBSE has only one. ICSE has two papers in Social Studies (History & Geography) whereas CBSE has only one. It becomes difficult for the student to study so many subjects together.

• Environmental Education is compulsory at the ICSE & ISC examinations whereas this is not so at the CBSE examination.

• CBSE give only grades in the examination results, thus reducing pressure on students to score marks in the exams. Number of students failing in the exam will subsequently be reduced.

• It is also a myth that ICSE is well recognized all over the world and not CBSE. Now UCAS recognizes CBSE at par with ISC .

• CBSE has in recent years been very proactive in devising new courses that are academic with a vocational slant. It is more responsive to the needs of a dynamically changing pedagogical scenario. The NCERT connection makes it a very pro-active e
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Dear Tamanna,

Contact your passing school.Then write an application to the ISCE council,forwarded by the principal,requesting a duplicate of the 'statement of marks' on account of the loss.The application must include your full exam index number and year of passing.Also,attested xerox copy of your admit card & complaint receipt of police diary made against 'missing of mark sheet' needs to be attached.Against these documents,the council will provide you with a second copy of the mark sheet on payment of a requisite fees.

Contact the school first,describing your issue.

All the best...
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No problem you can definitely shift to that board , it is one of the strongest board to make your base in English. it is a good decision you can be firm on it. all the best for your future.... ► Read more
You can well do it. you will have to get a good percentage thet is desired by the school in which you want to take admission on. it is necessary that you should get at least 60%marks in order to get admission in a good school which is affiliated to ICSE board.... ► Read more

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