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Pure or applied you can try for teaching job in any field . It is not like if you want to teach biotech then you can't do after it masters . Most of the colleges ask botany as one subject in graduation for master in botany . Feel free to ask further question . Take this example of Kerala university
Bio-Chemistry: BSc with Bio-Chemistry or Chemistry as optional Main subject and any two of the following as subsidiary subjects viz. (i) Mathematics (ii) Physics (iii) Botany and (iv) Zoology under Part III securing not less than 55% marks for that part / BSc Industrial Fish and Fisheries (Vocational) / BSc Biological Techniques and Specimen Preparation (Vocational) / BSc Biochemistry and Industrial Microbiology (restructured). Subject combinations with Bio-Chemistry or Chemistry (Vocational) are also eligible. 25% seats will be reserved for candidates with BSc Biochemistry.
Biotechnology: Bachelor’s Degree with 55% marks in Part III excluding language in Botany, Zoology, Life Sciences, Microbiology, Biochemistry, BSc Agriculture, BE / BTech in Chemical Environment, MBBS, BVSc, BSc MLT, BSc Biotechnology( Voc.), BSc Botany & Biotechnology ( restructured).
Bioinformatics: Graduate in any branch of Life Sciences (Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry or any other degree recognized as equivalent by the University of Kerala) with not less than 55% marks in qualifying examination.
Botany: BSc with Botany as optional Main subject under Part III with not less than 55% marks for that part / BSc Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (Vocational) (If Botany is one of the main subjects)/BSc Industrial Microbiology (Vocational) (If Botany is one of the main subjects) / BSc Biotechnology (Vocational) (If Botany is one of the main subjects) / BSc Botany and Biotechnology (restructured). BSc Vocational course with the subject combinations Biotechnology, Chemistry, Zoology/Botany are also eligible.
Shipra there are plenty of jobs but first thing is your family issues. Are you sure now you can work or if you work there will be certain conditions. Once you start working even though company do make policies for women so that they don't face problem but i think final work has to be done by you. Be strong to fight for you and that will start with being interdependent. Work hard for your career , try to do work in manner that it does not create problem but if things are beyond your control don't feel guilt about that. Now my advise will be as you are PG try to get teaching job in the field of biochemistry . The reason is as you work as teacher keep on applying for company jobs in the field of biochemistry through job portal, recruitment consultancy, newspaper, social networking sites like LINKEDIN, APNA CIRCLE . Once you get your company job you can leave your teaching job. That will be the easiest way. If you are interested in further study then a PHD is really good in the field of Biochemistry . As you have good writing and verbal skill you can also make career in the field writing, anchoring, Radio Jockey, journalism, online writing job e.t.c. Don't feel frustated . There are time when you need to try hard more than others or do things for your family. It happen with lot of people. But important is to be patient , confident , work hard and also think alternatives if required. Feel free to ask further.... ► Read more
Hi Raj,

Its an individual choice ..however on job prospective at both level you will be involve in R&D .

Here I will try to tell you few difference which would help you in choosing :

BioC is more intensive when it comes to studying detailed reactions of metabolic pathways (ie-knowing which enzymes catalyze each rxn, exact structures of reactants/products etc.) YOu will need to memorize tons of pathways in third yr, the structures of reactants/products, enzyme names, mechanism, etc. If you can memorize, you will do well and understanding the material in depth

MicB also involved a lot of molecular work, but probably at a more general level - not so much structures and pathways, but a lot of names of different cellular molecules that interact btwn host-pathogen for instance.micb may be a little more "applied science", as it involves a lot of the topics i mentioned earlier and how these are affected in the real world or how we can use microorganisms to our advantage. Microbio probably is more lab oriented !

Now make out what woudl you prefer ..what you would be able to handle !

Let know if I can help you further !

All the best !

both programs require a lot of the same core courses (basic cell bio, basic micro, genetics, orgo)...
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There are lot of opportunities especially when you want to start something of your own . But for that i need to know your interest ( if i suggest you to start your own school it will not matter any thing to you if you are not interested in it), your hometown name , you want to continue in this science field or not . Waiting for reply .... ► Read more
The course you are doing from PUNE University you can start career as programmers and there from u can become senior programmer, systems analyst etc.also you can make your career in systems or networking,testing etc. you wont have a problem in the IT field as you are already doing a course which is IT oriented no matter what your earlier background is.... ► Read more

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