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Syllabus of bsc biochemistry of rtm nagpur university - 1 to 3 of 15 results

Hi Manik,

Admission to B.Sc. program in BHU is made through an All India Admission Test (UET) conducted by the University sometime around the month of May every year at Varanasi and other centres such as Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad. The advertisement is made in the month of Jan - Feb in almost all newspapers.

To talk about the Admission test, it comprises of 1 Paper carrying 450 marks of 150 minutes duration, containing 150 multiple choice questions based on +2 examination or equivalent. The Paper shall comprise of 3 sections Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, each containing 50 questions.

Do well in your exam and all the best.
Shipra there are plenty of jobs but first thing is your family issues. Are you sure now you can work or if you work there will be certain conditions. Once you start working even though company do make policies for women so that they don't face problem but i think final work has to be done by you. Be strong to fight for you and that will start with being interdependent. Work hard for your career , try to do work in manner that it does not create problem but if things are beyond your control don't feel guilt about that. Now my advise will be as you are PG try to get teaching job in the field of biochemistry . The reason is as you work as teacher keep on applying for company jobs in the field of biochemistry through job portal, recruitment consultancy, newspaper, social networking sites like LINKEDIN, APNA CIRCLE . Once you get your company job you can leave your teaching job. That will be the easiest way. If you are interested in further study then a PHD is really good in the field of Biochemistry . As you have good writing and verbal skill you can also make career in the field writing, anchoring, Radio Jockey, journalism, online writing job e.t.c. Don't feel frustated . There are time when you need to try hard more than others or do things for your family. It happen with lot of people. But important is to be patient , confident , work hard and also think alternatives if required. Feel free to ask further.... ► Read more
Hi Namita,

Well, it would be diffiuclt to say which is a better option. In terms of jobs,Msc Chemistry will help you get a job in teaching position in R&D and pharmaceutical companies. Where with Msc. Biochemistry you can get into hospital industry in research area, pharmaceutical industy, research area in agricultural field....
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