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Dear Friend!

When i was in 11th i opted for Medical stream - i wanted to be a doctor but didnt knew why?

But later on I thought that I should opt for commerce with maths & I found that I was good in accounts, maths, ecomomics, it interests me the most. I actually started enjoying my subjects & scored 94% in accountancy in 12th std. But i didnt liked english & business studies as a subject, so manged to clear it with averagly good marks in english & 80% marks in business studies. Now I am happy as a Chartered Accountant.

Well!  There are lot queries which students are posting in , in most of the queries I have found that all the students are pursuing there studies without any PURPOSE or GOAL.

Of course its not students fault, its  THE LACK OF AWARENESS.

My Friend as a elder brother, my advice will be that you should decide :

1) What you want to achieve, your GOAL, your PURPOSE of studies. That is decide what interest u the most.

2) Then make PLANS to achieve that goal, i.e. proper study plan.

3) There can be 1 or 2 subjects in which you will be weak (its normal) BUT THATS OK, you STILL KNOW OTHER 3 or 4 subject BETTER.

4) In my case, english subject didnt decided my career, but i had to study it as it was part of my curriculum. Similarly, if you want to become an ENGINEER or DOCTOR or ANYTHING, maths & chemistry may trouble u but with confidence & determination you can achive anything.

5) But the case becomes different when you dont want to become ENGINEER, DOCTOR or Anything from the field of science. Then you have to explore yourself that what you want to become & then decide to change your stream.

Following are the career in arts:

Hello Harsh,

You are interested in computer degrees.So after doing 12th commerce you can go for BCA, B.Tech in computer science,Diploma in Computer Science,web design course,animation course etc......

All the Best...
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Dear Amit,

Most universities in India offer the subject Mathematics as honours.There are a big no of good universities in India which offer the subject.You didn't mention your location here so that I can give you the informations specifically.

University of Delhi,Calcutta University, Pondicherry University,Periyar University,Barathidasan University,Madras University,Alagappa University etc. are also good universities for maths students.So there is a long list for this.First specify your location.

All the Best...
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Dear Friend!

There lot of options for you after you complete your 12th studies. I will tell some of them:

And there are many more options. So you need not to worry about the OPTIONS now.

But Kunal! you should now think of "WHAT OPTION TO BE CHOOSEN"

I would suggest to study really hard & score very good marks in 12th. Look for the career in which 'YOU HAVE INTEREST"

Hope you like my advice, if yes then pls revert back by liking it or by thanking.

Stay Happy & Bright

Best Regards
CA Mayank Chopra
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Hello Napeer,

If she is not interested to take math dont force her.Without taking maths she can do CA and and also she is eligible for doing MBA(HR).If she takes Psychology in graduation then can do Master In Social work.

Let me know for further assistance.

All the Best

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Dear Siddharth,

You have ample of options right in front of you. To make it simple for you without maths except engineering you can go ahead with most of the popular careers be at CA or MBA. Yes without maths you can do CA and also write CAT to get into MBA colleges.

I recommend you to go through below few articles which would help you further identify what is best for you:
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Anshika the oppurtunities for maths honours is limitless .......... after you complete maths honours i suggest that you take up ACTUARIAL-SCIENCE ...........i promise that you will earn in lakhs .........try to complete graduation with maths honours having more than 60%.........then there is no looking back........after graduation you do MSC in Actuarial science from IGNOU

THE programme has been designed to prepare actuarial and financial professionals in developing actuarial services.
The programme aims at imparting: a) advanced knowledge and practical computational skills in finance and actuarial science; b) competence in the use of theoretical knowledge in solving sophisticated financial and actuarial problems; c) computational skills to price and hedge various financial products and to assess and manage risks; and d) ability to evaluate and develop financial and actuarial business opportunities.
The course is offered on a face-to-face mode in New Delhi only. The maximum intake of students is 25.

best of luck...
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There is a vast scope for u to explore..first of all u should analyse ur personality traits, ur likes,dislikes,ur interests,and then think of a career...u should think about whether u would like adventurous career or a typecast career..u can try with CA,CS,MBA,CWA,CFA,JOURNALISM,MASSCOM AND MEDIA STUDIES, IT SECTOR also, if u r imaginative, u can try the ANIMATIONS field also. But u should possess a minimum of a graduation degree in any discipline that is either arts or commerce, or u can do BBA. So whatever u do, try doing wholeheartedly..and follow your dreams..ALL THE BEST.... ► Read more
Hi there. dnt panic about your condition. Its not dat bad as you think.
if you want to be associated with computers only then after xii you can go wid various cources like GNIIT and many more so just exploit your imagination beyond your noral scope....
kk byeeee...
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Hi Apoorva,

There is not much difference in the curriculum of BA or BSc. in mathematics but still if you are a science student you can do a BSc. in mathematics that will be good for you.

The decision is yours.

Best of Luck!

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As far as I know, CA is the best course in the current market situation in the Commerce stream. You could also think of an MBA in finance from a premier institute. Kindly go though website to get full details about the CA course. All the best!... ► Read more

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