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Synopsis format for phd in english language teaching any indian university - 1 to 3 of 17 results


Its good to see that you want to do that thing which you find interesting for you . yes , you can do MA in English literaure or in Lanuage depending on your interest but you have to work hard for this because you have different background in graduation . There are many universities offering MA in psychology like Delhi university , Allahabad university etc . you can choose any of them depending on your conveniences.

Good for your SHINE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!...
You can join cf india portal its the best coaching institute in india.
It also has several branches in india. and the faculty is mainly from IIT and IIM.
But i dont know whether they provide english literature coaching....
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First of all you have to decide what you want to do. Which subject related career will you be interested in or you are good at. History, Political Science, Geography and English are your subjects so if you are interested in teaching you can do BEd.
If you want to become a journalist, you can do a diploma course or a degree course in journalism obviously you should be interested and have a flair for writing.

If you are interested in geography and want to become a geologist and specialise in that subject.

if you are interested in building a career in Political science and history- higher studies on the same needs to be done first.

So the choice is yours.

Good Luck
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