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Thermal engineering pg diploma courses - 1 to 3 of 254 results

I am 25 year old & i want join part time diploma in ahmedabad, i have get 52% in 10th & 53% in 12th, i have also passed B.com with second class. so which is the best course for me & also mention callege name.

thanking you & regd....
  • Selection of the course matters much. Some key factors need to be looked into before selecting the course. The student should look into the prospects of the technology, he also should see to the current trend of the course, its popularity amongst employers. They must also scrutinize how flourishing it would be after 5 years.
  • Pick your course that would determine your future career. Decide on the means to attain your future goal. Plan what you are going to do after four years of studies. If you are going to pursue higher education then you will have to select the course based on it. And if you are opting for a job right after the studies, select a job-oriented course. Some may have research as their ambition. Such persons should select a course that would support your venture.
  • Students having inclination towards physics subject shall choose electronics related subjects. If the area of interest is chemistry, the student can opt for material science and other related courses. It is advisable for the students to decide upon their course well in advance. They cannot speculate over such things in the counseling hall.
  • Never compare yourself with others. Similarly, never choose a course just because your relative or your neighbour has chosen it. Since individual abilities differ. Selection of the course should be done purely on the basis of personal likings and abilities.
  • Parents also tend to force their children to opt for certain courses. This is one bad attitude that would actually push the students into low morale. On the other hand, parents from metro cities tend to be more lenient. They trust that their children can decide on their own.
  • So never coerce the students, nor be extremely lenient. Selection of course should be done after proper consultation between the parents and the students.
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