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Thesis topics in department of pediatrics - 1 to 11 of 37 results

Dear Malarvizhi,

Pharmaceutical Technology is a procurement and reference resource providing a one-stop-shop for professionals and decision makers within the global pharmaceutical and biochemistry industry.

Pharmaceutical industries usually employ pharmacy graduates and post graduates for most of the operations. The various activities include manufacturing, quality control (including quality assurance), and distribution (marketing). The expertise required to perform all these activities are usually the course programme of Pharmaceutical Sciences or Pharmaceutical Technology. The available career opportunities for pharmacy graduates in pharmaceutical industries and government/private sector include:

->As Manufacturing Chemist (called as competent technical staff) : under whose active direction and personal supervision manufacturing of medicines takes place.This job of looking after manufacturing of medicines is very interesting and responsible. There are scopes of promotion too to the highest position as works manager or factory manager.

->In Quality Control/Quality Assurance : Quality Assurance is a total process for assuring the quality of pharmaceutical products as per standard specified in National or other approved pharmacopoeias. Quality Assurance is a component of Quality Assurance programme which deals with checking of representative samples of production to find out their compliance with standards. The graduates with aptitude in analysis of pharmaceuticals and handling of sophisticated instruments find the job interesting. There are promotional scopes too from Quality Control chemists to Quality Assurance Manager.

There are private and independent drug testing laboratories too. The graduate pharmacist also can join these laboratories as analyst.

All the Best!!!!!!...
Hi Kavana,

Please remember that 11th and 12th standard are the days when a student really gets motivated to work on his/her project based on their own interests.. So, please follow what topics you really liked in your Biology / Physics chapters and find a project from those chapters..

We can't really suggest you some random projects.. as it will never be useful to do projects what others find them as important..

If you still require our help in this regard.. do tell us some names of chapters in your text book that you really liked.

We can help you with the website locaitons where you can find important research happening.. so that you can get your mind ignited..

our best wishes..


You can find projects of Organ transplant & Stem cells in these places:





basics of what is an organ transplant is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organ_transplant







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Dear Nitin,

First of all their is nothing called as tough topic or easy topic. It's all about comfort level. It' s very difficult for me to figure out which topics would be more comfortable for you. So, I would request talk to your friends, classmates and lecturers. They would be a better guide on this.

All the best for your project....
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Hi Poorva,

Deciding a career for you without knowing what you are presently doing is actually an impossible task. You yourself must be well averse with your needs and interests. So ask the same question to yourself and I am sure you will definitely get an answer.

You can even go in for a psychometric assessment that our company offers that will help you realize you strengths and weaknesses and then depending on that a career that best suits your personality, interest and aptitudes. If you like to take the assessment please see the links below.


Best of Luck!

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Hi Sanjay,
Ask your professors for good projects information or contact biotech companies HR for internship program and meet some professional in the same field for projects. You can contact training institutes for projects.
Dr.Reddy's Laboratory, GeoMarine Biotechnologies (P) LTD offer internship programs.

All the best...
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Apply i Monster and Naukri.com you may get a call... ► Read more

If you are interested in joining forensic department then you should do M Sc. In Forensic Science. It provides you good opportunities in this field. M.Sc. in Forensic Science is an Post Graduation course . The duration of the course is for three yeas and the course is divided into four semester .

Syllabus for M.sc in Forensic Science :-
• Forensic Biology
• Forensic Physics
• Forensic Serology and DNA Profiling
• Forensic Crime and Investigation Techniques
• Instrumental Methods Biological and Chemical
• Forensic Ballistics and photography
Eligibility Criteria for M.sc in Forensic Science :-
• The Applicant should complete B.sc in degree with Physics , Chemistry AS Main subject in Bachelor degree .
• The Applicant should score Minimum 60% percentage of marks in bachelor degree .
• The Applicant should qualified in Entrance Examination which is conducted by the Institution .

All the best...
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Intelligence Services took birth in 1861 with the objective of collection, Assimilation and Analysis of information. Intelligence Services for can be divided into three broad categories.

(1) Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI): It was established in 1914 and its basic role is to investigate the cause of corruption in all government departments or elsewhere. They also investigate the crimes on high seas, professional crimes and economic offences. CBI has 2 departments namely Anticorruption and Special crimes.

(2) Investigation bureau (IB): Its function is to analyse the available information. It has 2 categories of services
Class 1: Astt. Director - Deputy Director - Joint Director - Special Director. These officers are recruited directly from State Police Services, Indian Police Services (IPS), and Defence Personnel.
Class 2: These are recruited by IB.
Security Astt. - JIO - ACIO

(3) Research And Analysis Wing (RAW): Its function is to be engaged in research and analysis of news, it is expected to offset the intelligence offences of the other countries against our country.

Discipline, Good Physical Fitness, Mental Fitness, Mentally Alert, Analytical Mind, Courage and a High Intellect are required.


(1) DSP: Recruited by UPSC through an All India Exam.
Hierarchy: DSP- SP-DIG - IG (8 Posts)
(2) Direct Recruitment: For the post of SI, APP, SPP. These are appointed through SSC.
Training: Selected officers are trained at Police Academy, Ghaziabad and Lok Nayak
Bhawan, New Delhi.

Direct Recruitment: Deputy field officers are appointed at junior levels.
Senior level recruitment: Campus Recruitments of Civil Services candidates and recruitment of University graduates.
Specialists Appointments: Campus placements at Technical Institutes....
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Hello Poo,

For doing PhD you have to be under any Lecturer/Reader/Professor of any college who are either PhD qualified or NET exam cleared

Cheers !!!!...
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As of now I am working as a Technical Analyst With HCL COMNET and you have mentioned i should take up some degree or course can you please guide me which course/Degree i should go for so as to come to journalism field as soon as possible.

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There are twenty questions asked and one has to attempt five of them in essay form in three hours. The main areas from where a bundle of questions maybe asked can range from Indian history to International history (mainly world wars in and out) but not the thrust is not just on the facts retention, it is mostly your political acumen about how those events facilitated a contemporary concept that matters.
Students of political science have an edge, and so have history students. Among others, if you're an ardent follower of world events and national scene, if you're a voracious reader, then there is a bundle of question especially for you. Keep an eye and have expansive and descriptive knowledge about weighty events- current as well as past. For example, judicial activism, Gandhian political influence on the contemporaries, the US neoimperialism, Indian neoliberalism, anything about the changing world order which is a perpetual state with one thing or the other happening in the world. This time, the west asian crisis viz. the jasmine revolution made an obvious choice of question.
The best way to go about is read some credible source of news and featured opinions, the hindu and the frontline are the frontrunners and make the best source of immaculate reason building if you devote a couple of months to it.
Another way to go about is to make a list of repetitions in past JNU papers, and of course read about the latest a lot. Read extensively about a few topics and cracking the written would be cakewalk.

Of course this time the paper has gone by, sure this'll help in the many more attempts to come....
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