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Hi John,

These are some institues where you can go for coaching

Contact : 9710938893, 044-42171512

Valdot Technologies

CMC Academy
Mobile: 9789922122

Cegonsoft Pvt Ltd

Placement depends on Economic condition, and if u do BCA then u have to go for MCA. & in animation it also depends on what course u do & from which institute.

There are various courses on animation and cartoons offered in colleges all over the country. The major colleges are:

National Institute of Design (NID, Ahmedabad)
J.J School of Arts
Zee Institute of Creative Arts (ZICA)
Industrial Design Center (IDC), IIT - Mumbai & Guwahati
Academy of Animation and Gaming

Cheers !!!...
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Yes you can join animation course after BCA if interested.

There are degree and diploma courses available in animation.Fee for it varies from institute to institute.

Some famous institutes offering these courses are:

# Bhavan's academy of animation ,delhi
# Arena Multimedia
# Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC), New delhi
# CABA innovatives, delhi
# IMAGE Academy
# TOONZ Academy, Mumbai
# Zee institues of creative arts,Mumbai
# W W school of animation,mumbai
# NID,Ahmedabad
# MAEER's MIT Institute of Design, Pune
# Srishti School of Design, Bangalore
# ANTS Animation Training School, Bangalore
# ToonSkool, Mumbai, Mangalore and Bangalore

If you are interested in painting you can go for Fine arts course. Which includes drawing,painting,commercial art, sketching,visual art,sculptures etc.

best of luck.
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Hi ronny,

Animation is emerging a special form of media now days. Animation is growing into a multi-billion dollar industry generating a great scope of employment for those who ready to try their skills into it.
Animation is a field that could be pursued by those who posses excellent creativity and drawing skills. Animators are the talented artists who create characters for a variety of projects like movies, television, advertisements and so on. An animators task is to read the script carefully, study the storyboard and try to get into the character.

# Personality

Animation is a creative thing and one needs to have creativity while handling it. It not being a mechanical subject needs lot of passion and imaginative skills. One should have flair for sketching/drawing. It needs long hours of continuous work with a whole lot of dedication. One should be good at visualizations, choice of colors and acting too. Though this profession seems to be quite unglamorous, yet it is very exciting and unless one has the complete dedication and interest in it one should not enter this field....
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Rohit, although in some institutes it is necessary to have maths in 10+2 to take admission in BCA but universities like IGNOU have recently launched its new BCA revised in which you can take admission without maths at 10+2.... ► Read more
No. to do MSC in maths you should have maths as major subject in BSC. in BCA you do not have maths as a major subject.after BCA you can do MCA.... ► Read more
If you are interested to continue in this technical line then MCA , PGDCA, M.SC(IT) , should be your first choice. There are also other course option depending upon your interest- MBA(you can take up any specialisation like-HR, Marketing, Finance , Operations e.t.c but you also have option of doing MBA-IT) , Law , Animation , Designing , journalism e.t.cThere are lot of software, hardware and networking courses provided in our country by Cisco : Juniper: Prometric : Microsoft: Nortel: Novell: Sun Microsystems:
You can also contact your nearest computer institute like NIIT, APTECH, CDAC e.t.c First see what you want to study and decision should be based on your interest . Once you know what you is your interest area deciding course and college are not difficult thing.There are lot of courses- in the field of Database administration, Web development , and programming courses, software testing , SAP , Photoshop , Linux administration, adobe flash , programming languages . My first suggestion will be to go for full time master level course. Feel free to ask further question ....
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Sorry for the typing mistake.

If you think you did well in BCA and have interest in comupter or IT industry, then you may continue with MCA.
By mistake i wrote BCA instead of MCA. I apologize for the same....
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Now you select a language of your choice and start practicing more and more coding. start developing program for daily life practical problems. you will enjoy it and you will develop expertise in programming.... ► Read more
If you are not have any interest in computer then you can go for mba or any other course of your choice.... ► Read more

After doing BCA you can be a teacher in any technical institute ,computer programmer or you can apply for bank jobs also , so your salary depends on the field which you will select after BCA . It could be 5,000 to 50,000 depending on your field.

Good Luck!!!...
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