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Top junior colleges science stream in mumbai suburbs - 1 to 3 of 93 results

In very simple terms one can say that there is no stream that is best or is considered a hottest stream weather it is science, commerce or humanities. The most important thing one needs to consider is that whatever we might consider hot stream today, might not remain hot in a few years.

In today’s time there is scope in every field whether it is science, commerce or humanities. One should focus on internal factors like one’s interest, aptitude, skills, values, abilities etc. rather than external factors in choosing a stream or a career. Whatever one opts would become a hot stream for him/her if the person has interest in it and has the caliber to perform with excellence in the same.

Sometimes a student may realize that he or she has ended up opting for a wrong career also. It is of less a problem if the realization comes early as in the first few months when the student is in 11th standard but if the realization of opting for a wrong stream comes after one has completed 11th then it becomes a problem as the school authorities might not let the student change his or her stream. Change of stream also depends on the fact as to from which stream the student is switching to which stream.

For example a student can easily change his/her stream if he/she has science stream, a commerce student can opt for humanities but it is impossible for student who is in humanities to change his or her stream.
Hi Rajat,

For IAS you can opt for any stream of your choice if you think that you are good in science stream then opt for that. For IAS you have to choose a major subject and a minor subject but you should have the knowledge of India and related concepts which are normally taught in Humanities.

Best Wishes!...
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If she wants to becomes an architect then she should choose science(PCM) stream.For a career in architecture field then the best option would be the science stream. She also need to study maths as a subject too. Also She must secure a minimum of 60% in these subjects if you want to join reputated institute. She need to start preparing for the various engineering entrance exams too like AIEEE, IIT-JEE. Along with this you will need to take the NATA exam which is a must for every architecture aspirant. For those interested in becoming an architect it is a must that they have a creative mind.

Best of Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
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