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Triveni kala sangam photography course - 1 to 3 of 112 results

You can find some detail in Mass communication below i hope that will help you.

In a career in advertising, one will be involved in research pertaining to developing advertising strategies, how advertising campaigns are produced, and how marketing plays into advertising. Careers in advertising include positions such as an advertising or marketing specialist, copy writer, media planner, media buyer, creative director, and media sales representative.

Radio-Television/Broadcasting/Electronic Media
There are many careers relating to radio-television/broadcasting/electronic media that include positions as a broadcasting station manager, director of broadcasting, film editor, news director, news writer, technical director, advertising sales coordinator, media buyer, actor, announcer, disc jockey, news anchor, public relations manager, comedy writer, casting director, producer, talk show host, and many more.

As a journalist, one will involve themselves in the researching, collecting, writing, editing, and presenting of information/news and then communicating it to the public through newspapers, magazines, radio, television, etc. Journalism offers career positions as reporters, editors, newscasters, authors, copywriters, publishers, technical writers, media interviewers, talk show hosts, and more.

Public Relations
In public relations, one will typically involve themselves in promoting and managing the public image of an institution or an individual. Academic courses such as business and professional communication, public speaking, print communication, interpersonal communication, and media production are examples of recommended courses to take to enhance one's career in public relations. There are a variety of careers in public relations, such as a publicity manager, advertising manager, press agent, lobbyist, media analyst, creative director, audience analyst, news writer, and many more.
Hi Guruprasad,
First you have to decide what actually you want to do photography or bartending.Once you have made up your mind then you can write back to us and we will tell you what to do.

Best of luck.
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Dear Rahul,

Integrated course save the time first of all. How much the course is better it depends on that which course you are doing and from which university.So let me know that first.

Another thing is in the field of job it depends mainly on your skills & knowledge .

All the Best...
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