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Hey Om,

GATE 2009 programme is done. Are you planning to write GATE next year? please write in detail. :)...
Yes, if your form reaches late it will be rejected. Last date of receipt completed IIT-JEE 2012 Application Form December 15, 2011... ► Read more
I don't think so there is any loss to students due to this. Because college take care of curriculum and all the activities.... ► Read more
Hello Akriti,

Yes, B.Tech course is provided by JEC, MP

Cheers !!!
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Hi sonia,

Jewellery design is a form of creative art which study about precious metals and gems. There is a boom in the jewellery and gems industry. Which has opened limitless opportunities for jewellery designers.

One can work in any of the following sectors:

Jewelery designing house
Export house
Fashion house
Freelance designing

Some of the famous institutes are:

Gemology Institute of India, mumbai
Indian Gemological Institute,delhi
Indian Diamond Institute, Surat
Appeejay Institute of Design, New Delhi
Jewellery Design and Technology Institute (JDTI),noida
The Jasami Department of Jewellery Design & Manufacture,mumbai

All the best...
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Hi Rachit,

I am very sorry for late reply and I regret it a lot!
If you are doing a simple B Com. then you should opt for doing BBA in order to pursue your goal of MBA. But if you are doing a B.Com. (hons) then continuing it would be a better option as compared to doing a BBA.

Best Wishes!
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Hello Anil,

In recent years there are many job opportunities with JAVA and Dotnet technologies. Yet you must understand that these technologies only to get jobs and then you should be ready to work in any technology that your employer may need. Technologies keep changing every 5 years but programming logic remains same. Do not try to learn too many technologies just pick one and try be master of it, learning any other wont be any problem then.

If you learn JAVA or DOTNet then there many big/small IT companies that offer jobs in India.

Hope this helps !!!

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Hi Hemant,

Any abroad University looks for 15 to 16 yrs academic qualification in a student before giving the admission.
The other aspect is you need to qualify GRE, TOEFL to get admission in any university.

All the best....
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Check out growth centre
it provides career counselling, clinical testing, aptitude testing.
also provides information on colleges, careers, study abroad, internships etc.
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MS if its USA and in a good university..
otherwisw MBA ...USA has about 75 of the top 100 B schools so its always better to opt for US....However the UK MBA is mostly a 1 year course as compared to 2 years in the USA...
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It is totally depend upon her interest. If she is intrested in Maths, science than science stream is a good option for her. If she is intrested in accounts than accounts stream is god for her. Encourage her dancing skills. Join her in a good dancing school. You have to choose stream after 10th, before that she has to clear 10th with a goood marks.

All the best...............
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