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Vacancy for physiotherapist in maharaj sawan singh charitable hospital beas punjab - 45 to 55 of 81 results

No....that is the total number of govt seats in the entire country...
so there is absolutely no chance of making the cut either for mbbs or for bds...
Dear Robin

I dont think u will get any NIT at this rank so i suggest to ake admission in any of these colleges depending on the branch u get and ur interests.

All the best for ur future!!!!!...
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Dear Robin
I would suggest to first attend AIEEE counselling and try to get a good college there.

If u r not able to avail a college of ur choice you then u can go for colleges under Punjab University that u have mentioned....
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If you want to become system administrator, do RHCSA and RCHE(Linux track)..MCITP(Windows track) and SCSA(Unix track)

if you want to become network administrator, do CCNA (Cisco track) and JNCIA(Juniper track)

if you want to become it security administrator, do Security+ and CEH, or other 3rd party vendor certs like CCSA(checkpoint track)..CCSE or CCNA security(Prerequisite: CCNA r&s)

if you want to become virtualization expert: first do MCITP, then Hyper-V cert and also can do VCP(VMWare Track)

if you want to become storage administrator: go for Veritas, EMC, Barocade certs..

Be SPECIFIC dear from early.....
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Dear Arvind , I Request you to read Times Of India Dated:16/october/2012.you will get the appropriate answer...
Rakesh Singh...
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There is huge scope for it, IIT dosen't matters, you can pursue it from a good state/national level college.... ► Read more
Yes, you can enter in hospitality sector with your basic degree.... ► Read more
I Miss blessing! Honestly is my pleasure to have contact with you today through www.meracareerguide.com so my dear! if you don't mind and you want to know whom i am! kindly contact me back through! [email protected] for more introduction of my self,Including my pictures to enable you know me well! Perhaps i want to use this opportunity to let you know that i do speak and write English very well because is my native Language!
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Check your previous query........ ► Read more
There is no confusion. U will get a good job in pharma sector after this. U can enhance your chances of a good job by doing MBA after this. U can also go for M Pharma.... ► Read more
Hi Arvind,

It completely depends on your interest. If you have very strong interest in technology and you don't have managerial skills then you should start preparing for GATE because M.Tech will only help you if you do it from any IIT or any other prestigious institute.  If you want to go for MBA then start preparing for competitive exams right now because if you pursue it after 2 years of job also then also you won't get much time in your job for studying. And if you want to go for a job after your engineering then prepare yourself for the same... increase your technical skills.

All the best :)...
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