Vasavi college of engineering b category seats - 1 to 11 of 1896 results

Hi Mohammed,

You might be aware this year they are also adding your IPE marks ( main subjects). So your rank will changes when final calculation is made. However, if we only see the EAMCET rank you ahve give above, it is difficult to get a good branch in a good college. But may be in minority colleges it will be easier for you to get into a good branch.

good luck!!...
Srry, for Post Graduate courses you rank is a little too low....
however under the sc category you will get a seat for sure...
make sure the documents in support are full proof...
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Which course are you applying for?...
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Bhar me jao

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Hi Sukriti.
With your rank its difficult to get into god engineering colleges say the top 30 ones. But i think you can make it to some decent colleges. Or You can even try some private engineering college. if you need further information about such college connect to me.
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I m doing electrical engg from pec chandigarh u may get seat in production or in mettalurgy. all the best... ► Read more
Hello Karan,

According to last year cut-off you can get seat in PEC.

All the Best !!!...
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Helllo Give Lumpsum donation auny college will provide u admission... ► Read more
Rahul , you can do any management course you want. Generally your graduation subject has nothing to do with your MBA degree. MBA degree ask for graduation not the specific stream in which you are doing your graduation. You can do MBA in any course- HR, RETAIL, MARKETING, OPERATION e.t.c. But there are certain management degree which go well with engineering student will be-Finace, Production, Oil and Gas, Operation e.t.c. Actually there is no hard and fast rule. I will advise you to go for MBA after few year of experience. Go for MBA if you really need it.Students have made it fashion. With your good engineering knowledge you might does not need MBA. There are so many engineers who performed well without MBA. Also read about different MBA options before deciding one.Feel free to ask further question... ► Read more
Hello Kamlesh,

Very Very less chance to get seat in college....
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I got electrical branch in MMM gorakhpur.Thanx for ur good wishes .and best of luck to you too.... ► Read more

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