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Vinayaka mission university results 2013 mba 1st year distance salem - 100 to 102 of 386 results

You should do M.Tech. It provides yu good opportunities in future. You should take coaching in Delhi, it is good for you. I provide you list of good coachings in Delhi for M.Tech.
Planet - E
The lakshya Academy
Nam Institute of Professional Studies
S.R. tutors Academy
Aakash Ganga...
It is better for you to do MBA from LLIM. In future you can join your dad's bussiness and in this your MBA degree helps you to find skills in business line.MBA in Banking & finance is a good option for you If you are interested in adventure then it is better for you to do MBA in Marketing this provides good knowledge of the soceity and you can make your own soceity.... ► Read more
Hi Sunil ,

If you could give me location in India it would be easy for us to respond to your query !...
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