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Vtu 3rd sem solved question papers 2008 2009 - 320 to 330 of 526 results

Hi Nidi,

For MBA you will have to wrire MBA entrance tests like CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP....there are quite a many. depending upon the institute you can select one. In case you are planning to do your MBA abroad, you should know that most of the universities require work experience unlike our Indian institutes.

For Masters there is MTech ( India) and MS (abroad). For Mtech you will have to write GATE and for MS, GRE ....
Yes Gate exams have already been held for the year in february...
it will be held subsequenty in the coming years as well...
so only the eligibility criteria is what you need to take care of if you are going for the exam...
if your rank and score is good ,then you can make it through...
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Hi Raj,

For clerical exams the minimum qualification is graduation. If you are selected and get the job it will act as an advantage to you for SSB interview.

All the best....
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Hi Jyoti,

As per your question, you call go in for any ditsance learning, or part time course to complete your BSc 3rd year, and continue with your job doing so.

Hardware n/w teacher haas many options if you want to be in the same line.
You can try for jobs in institutes like CRISP/ C-DAC etc. These institutes always require teachers/trained professionals in networking field.
First of all, get enrolled in some part-time/distance-learning course. Once completed you can go in for a job in these places.
Later you can do a MSc or MCA in this field itself.
Pls get back to us in case of any other confusion or queries.

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I dont think your Bachelors degree has got anything to do with the master degree you are planning to. You can easily join for any such course after your degree... ► Read more

Hi Raju,

MBA is a field which is best as career switching option. So its not essential that you need to have relevant experience in terms of job before taking it up !!

MBA is more about leadership and managing things and people . So, if you think in future you want to get into Sales & Marketing then choose a specialisation such that !!...
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Hello Kanishka,

Sorry to say that there is very very less chnace in 3rd counselling. Because till second round students with state rank(MP) 20, got the admission in MNIT, Bhopal....
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You can do jobs as Management executive, Bank job , Accounts job, Computer operator, Teaching etc. For better job option opt for master's program according to your choice of interest. Some options:

* MCA{ if had maths at + 2 level}
* Master's in any specialization i.e Finance,Accounts,Human resource, Marketing and sales, Advertising and communication.

Good luck...
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Dear Sourav,

You are doing B.Tech in IT.So after completing B.Tech you can't do Space research.But each field has its IT sector.So if you want to join the very big and reputed agencies like Indian Space Research Organisation or National Aeronautics and Space Administration or Central Intelligence Agency then you need a better qualification in your field then you can apply for these in their IT field.

Let me know for further discussions.

All the Best...
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Hi Pavitra,

To gain entry into a Genetic Counseling program, many schools require you to have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in genetics, nursing, biology, psychology, social science or other related field. You will then need to complete a program accredited by the American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC). Upon completion graduates will receive a Master of Science Degree. The ABGC is the credentialing body for the USA and Canada.

A genetic counselor is a person who talks to a person about genetic disorders that runs through a family. A Genetic Counselor is a highly skilled allied health professional, with specialized training in the area of medical genetics and counseling. A Genetic Counselor works to educate the public, and other healthcare professionals, about genetic conditions. A Genetic Counselor also provides counseling to individuals and families affected by genetic disorders. Some genetic counselors specialize in pediatric care, administration, research, counseling or education.

All the best.

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