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Walio chaguliwa kujiunga na stashahada 2012/2013 wizara ya afya - 1 to 11 of 96 results

Yes, after graduation, BSE Institute has introduced 2 year full time MBA program in global finance market, along with job opportunity for more details you can check here http://goo.gl/JMbPi...
Hi Shipla,

It totally depends on your interest what u want to do. I f u want to make ur career in technical field, then go for BCA. Other wise go for BBA or B.Com.

Cheers !!!...
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Ravi final year year student in graduation can apply for CAT. At the time of admission you must have your result of college if not then your hard work will became waste. Now going by your situation it seems your college is too late . because academic session of colleges start before Sept. Appear in 2013 CAT. .At the time of admission you might not have degree ( it get late because of convocation) but you must have copy of mark sheet.feel free to ask further question .... ► Read more
There is only one way to decide it- are you interested in further studies in computer science, Are you not bored with that if not then go for cs if yes then go for MBA. and don't worry about MBA you can do MBA also after work experience if you think you need it. Companies themselves arrange for MBA. i have seen people without MBA but having great career .Go by your interest not by people as both cs and MBA have great career opportunities but only if you are interested.... ► Read more
First prepare for exam and get qualified if you want to do full time program . Later think about experience. There are also part time, correspondence and executive program for working professional. GMAT score is taken by all the best colleges in India. For all the exams mentioned by work experience is not even required.... ► Read more
Yes you are eligible.Only Students who are appearing for 12th examination in 2012 or who have passed 12th Examination in 2011 are eligible to appear in the BITSAT-2012 test. But do rember For admissions to I semester staring in August, you should have your result before 30th June. Keeping that in mind, you may appear in BITSAT-2012.... ► Read more
No whatever the score be for a given year BITSAT like BITSAT 2012 in your case you can appear once . YOu can try for next year that is BITSAT 2013 .... ► Read more
Dont worry. Be confident about yourself. It is always better to do M.B.A in a regular college rather than by correspondence or Part time. It is quite evident that the best way to get into an M.B.A college is through the C.A.T exam. The advantage of C.A.T exam is that almost all the top colleges are being listed and you don’t have to apply for those colleges individually. The top colleges that provide an MBA degree are the IIM’s, the Tata institute in Mumbai, Symbiosis etc. When you are opting for an MBA part time or correspondence option, the most important point that you need to look out is the name of the institute and also the affiliation of the college. You should also make sure that the university is a recognized one. If you are confident of the college and the university then you can very well do the part time or the correspondence method of M.B.A.

Best of Luck............
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Nancy it is more to do with your ability. As you know the minimum qualification is graduation so you can prepare along with your graduation or after few year of graduation or after PG or while you are working. Find out when you will be able to give time for preparation and then prepare for it.... ► Read more
According to AIEEE Brochure 2012 it was mentioned that the result will be declared on or before 15th June 2012. It was also mention there that the result of both "Online and Offline" will be declared on the same day. It was also mentioned that "The required information will be displayed at appropriate time on CCB website www.ccb.nic.in". Any update will be first displayed on this website. So keep an eye on this website. Also apart from Online display of result, you'll get a score card by mail (i.e. via post).... ► Read more

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