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What is the scope of industrial microbiology - 1 to 3 of 38 results

Hi Raj,

Its an individual choice ..however on job prospective at both level you will be involve in R&D .

Here I will try to tell you few difference which would help you in choosing :

BioC is more intensive when it comes to studying detailed reactions of metabolic pathways (ie-knowing which enzymes catalyze each rxn, exact structures of reactants/products etc.) YOu will need to memorize tons of pathways in third yr, the structures of reactants/products, enzyme names, mechanism, etc. If you can memorize, you will do well and understanding the material in depth

MicB also involved a lot of molecular work, but probably at a more general level - not so much structures and pathways, but a lot of names of different cellular molecules that interact btwn host-pathogen for instance.micb may be a little more "applied science", as it involves a lot of the topics i mentioned earlier and how these are affected in the real world or how we can use microorganisms to our advantage. Microbio probably is more lab oriented !

Now make out what woudl you prefer ..what you would be able to handle !

Let know if I can help you further !

All the best !

both programs require a lot of the same core courses (basic cell bio, basic micro, genetics, orgo)...
Hi Puspak,

The scope after the animation course in India and abroad is quite high. Now-a-days everyday we see many special effects/animations are being used in Movies, Advertisements and daily serials.
Make sure that you do the course from a well reputed institute, which also helps in the placements or can give you some leads for the obs that you'll be looking for after the course.
Keep us updated with your next step and also your queries if any.

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Animation is an upcoming industry and has loads of scope. It is a fast-emerging high-paying career option. A lot of animation work is being done from India including works being outsourced to India. Animation has a great scope not just in India but in abroad as well. The basic requirement is that you must have excellent creative and artistic abilities. It offers a great scope of employment for those who ready to try their skills into it. You can start from short term certificate courses, diploma programs to advanced diplomas and even bachelors degree. Many advanced courses are also available which may be helpful in getting in specialization of your choice of area. Animation is a sparkling career option in today's technological world.

Hope it serves you some benefit. All the best for future....
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