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Hi Lakshmi,
Your choice for summers can depend upon the level of exposure you have gained in the last 2 years and the following courses as well. However, as I believe most colleges take up the core engineering in the 3rd and 4th years, you should perhaps use this time to prepare yourself with some basic and fundamental tools essential for both your academics as well as professional profile enhancement later on. for example, you could take up an object oriented programming language like Java or Visual C, etc. Or you could go for modules like PHP, MySQL , etc. Please let us know about the kind of curriculum at your college to enable us better understand and respond....
Hi Grusha,

You can apply for teacher posts and government jobs. In private sector job opportunities are very less. If you get a job in this, pay will not be good. After gaining some experience you will get good pay in this sector but an engineer would be preferred over this degree.

You might go for MSc, after doing MSc. you will get good opportunities compare to BSc. If you get a job now, try for MSc after gaining some experience.

Let me know for further assistance.

All the best
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Hi friends
Actually the persons who complete their AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) need to certify the planes...
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Dear Prathmesh,

Don't be discouraged. Despite of your low scores in 12 you are still eligible for engineering. Yes, you are not eligible for hi-profile colleges like IIT, BITS-Pliani, NIt etc.

But private colleges like Amity, SRM University, Shardha etc take admission of students who have got 55% or so.

However, field of science is also good so you can very well apply for Bsc programs also.

All the best...
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Nikunj, after PCM there are lot of career options- engineering, Biotech, Pilot, Merchant Navy, Architecture, CA, ICWA, computer science , Law,e.t.c. Don't worry this dilemma is faced by lot of students but important is tofind your interest. If you tell me your interest area then i can advise you better. You will excel in field you have interest and ability I will suggest you to take up the psychological assessment conducted by MERA CAREER GUIDE. The test will help you in knowing your real personality , interest and also in deciding career.... ► Read more
Whether you are a graduate or you have finished your schooling or you have passed your class tenth, Air Force has an exciting career opportunity for you....
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Hi Vaibhav,

If you are planning to do a CS then I would suggest that you should concentrate n that and go for that only. Doing a BBA or a B.Com will obviously be not be worthless but you will for sure waste those three precious years of your. CS being a professional course does not require a graduate degree you just need to pass your 12th for that. If you want to do a BBA or B.Com then you can do it in correspondence along with your CS.

I would suggest you to do your CS directly and not go in for your graduation and then a CS with that you save a lot of time of yours as well.

Best Wishes!

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Dear Friend!

Since you are from science stream & now want to pursue CA. That means you want start a career about which you dont have any knowledge. So it will not be easy.

My Advice for chosing a Career:

1) With hard work you may be able to achive anything, but at the same time you have to be wise.

2) Aptitude for the that field will help you achive things easily. Pls check that first.

3) Interest: You must really enjoy that particular field as interest keeps us engaged in that field with joy.

4) Value: Choose a career which will fetch you good money which is enough to lead your life easily.

5) Good: Through such career you must be able to contribute to the welfare of the society at large. For e.g. Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

You will automatically achieve success if you follow above points.

> CA demands hard work, so see if you are ready for it.
> Check whether you have that aptitude to do CA.
> Check whether you want to excel in Finance line.
> Check whether CA can fetch good money (after clearing CA you can actually get good packages)
> CA contributes to the development of society & nation at large.

Should you need any further info, pls feel free to contact me.

Best Regards
Mayank Chopra
CA, B.Com(H)

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There is a good institute for PUC pass or Fail Candidates, they'll provide Diploma in hardware and networking course with 100%  placements for all of their students. 
My suggestion is that to join that CMS Computer Training Center, Ganganagar, RT nagar, Bangalore.

for more details visitCMS Computer, Ganganagar, RT nagar, Bangalore
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What does that mean......you do not have any rank in any entrance....? if yes then go for PTU..no issue... ► Read more
Hi Vaibhav,

You can go select BE Computer science or any other field except of medical.

All the best.
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