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What r the teaching opportunities after completing bsc in cbz - 1 to 3 of 38 results

What you want to do MBA/M.TECH has to be decided by the fact you want to do technical thing or management side of thing .
As for your current situation goes trying for MBA will be easy . First it does not require your knowledge of electrical concepts. There can be few question in admission interview . Second you have work experience but it is not in the field of engineering that you have done so it will be starting like fresher in job market . Call center experience and MBA will be better way for improving your career growth and career opportunities . I would have suggested you M.TECH but preparing for GATE exam will be difficult if you not clear with basics . even though GATE preparation make you go through concepts learnt in B.TECH , but if you are not sure then don't go for it . M.TECH is also good option but finally it is you have to do hard work . If by preparing for MBA exam you can get better result then go for it .
And be positive . There is nothing like loser . You are at least working . There are many who are not working even after completing their engineering . In every person's life there are setbacks . But to succeed you have to overcome these setbacks and all these negative feelings . You are still very young , have age on your side . If you will work hard then defenitely you will succeed .

You had appeared for both exam . So you would be knowing atleast which exam preparation can give you result . You already know both the exam pattern . You had to set goal and do hard work but has to be done smartly ....
To make a career in signal processing, candidates must be aware of languages like C++, C and assembly level programming,Audio/ video algorithms, optimization, Streaming audio and Video,MPEG standards, Software testing, ISO practices. A Digital Signal Processing (DSP) professional must be well-verses in time constraints, signal processing algorithms and time processing.You will find opportunities in both private and public sector Intel, Analog devices, lucent, Motorola and Texas Instruments police department, Doordarshan, All India Radio, BSNL and Army Signal Core , Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Limited .B.E in electronics and coummnication will be good degree to start with. Feel free to ask further question.

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First you need to decide what you want to do. You can try for M.Sc( computers, information technology), MCA , PGDCA, . There are also other courses like - animation and multimedia, MBA , journalism, advertising , e.t.c. There are lot of software, hardware and networking courses provided in our country by Cisco : www.cisco.com Juniper: www.juniper.com Prometric : www.prometric.com Microsoft: www.microsoft.com Nortel: www.nortel.com Novell: www.novell.com Sun Microsystems: www.sunmicrosystems.com.
You can also contact your nearest computer institute like NIIT, APTECH, CDAC e.t.c First see what you want to study and decision should be based on your interest . Once you know what you is your interest area deciding course and college are not difficult thing. Feel free to ask further question....
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