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Be patient . There is no shortcut to success . As you are B.TECh then M.TECH or MBA will be best option for better career growth . There are also option like journalism, advertising , animation , law , teaching e.t.c which are different from your earlier side . It will be good if you know your area of interest, because then right course suiting your interest can be told to you. If you will do course according to your interest then you don't feel bored from your job in mid of career .There are lot of software, hardware and networking courses provided in our country by Cisco : www.cisco.com Juniper: www.juniper.com Prometric : www.prometric.com Microsoft: www.microsoft.com Nortel: www.nortel.com Novell: www.novell.com Sun Microsystems: www.sunmicrosystems.com.
You can also contact your nearest computer institute like NIIT, APTECH, CDAC e.t.c First see what you want to study and decision should be based on your interest . Once you know what you is your interest area deciding course and college are not difficult thing.There are lot of courses- in the field of Database administration, Web development , and programming courses, software testing , SAP , Photoshop , Linux administration, adobe flash , programming languages . These courses are if you are not interested in your field There are certification related to your field Feel free to ask further question Certification in Embedded system
Certificate Program in Robotics and Intelligent Systems
Power Electronics NPTEL Course
Control system certification course
Advanced Training in System Engineering
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering-Electrical System
Certificate Program in VSLI technology
Advanced program in DC and AC motors
Short term program in Mechatronics
Course in Testing and Measurement
Certificate Program in PLC
Certificate program in CCNA
Short term course in Signal processing
Hardware ne
Suggest you pick up a job,start earning and being financially independant. Look @ a full time MBA after 2 ys of work ex.This will also give you the required time to prepare for the MBA entrance..... ► Read more
You can try for MBA With your interest in planning and management MBA is the best bet . The only thing is that you need to decide you want to go in the field of event or become advertising professional.One thing i want to know are you interested in creative part of advertising or not.Then i can advise accordingly. One thing that you can do is MBA in advertising and then see what department you want to join . As far as event management is considered take up MBA degree and then join even management firm . This field has not much to do with degree. It is your learning and how good you are with planning and organising plans. Join an even management firm after B.TECH instead of going in an engineering company and work for one year . It will give you experience and also make you decide you want to go in event management . If you don't find it interesting then you have option for MBA in advertising . because event management has more to do with planning and management . The option of MBA in any field of choice-advertising , event or any is always open . Feel free to ask further question. You can also try for MBA program directly after B.TECH .... ► Read more
Hi, This is the most common problem faced by engineering students in today's date if they don't get a campus placement. You can try the following thing, you will definitely get job:
1) Make youself master of a subject, pick up any language in which you have interest and study it as much as you can. Do some projects related to that language.
2) Prepare a good resume.
3) Make a account on linkedin.com and spare atleast 30 minutes daily on it to read the groups, to connect with the people over there and to search jobs.
4) Daily refresh your naukri.com profile or any other job site profile so that it remains on top.
5) Make a proper follow up to your CV.
6) Talk to your alumni's to help you out.

Do all this, you will definitely get a job. All the best....
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