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Wwa cossipore english school result - 1 to 3 of 52 results


First thing I want to tell you that if you are really interested in doing somthing then you can surely do that. If you have never studied English as the part of your course   then all you have to do is that you  have to work hard for this nothing else and there is not any rule or preconditon that you should have English as part of your  subject. So move further without fear.


Its good to see that you want to do that thing which you find interesting for you . yes , you can do MA in English literaure or in Lanuage depending on your interest but you have to work hard for this because you have different background in graduation . There are many universities offering MA in psychology like Delhi university , Allahabad university etc . you can choose any of them depending on your conveniences.

Good for your SHINE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!...
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You would be asked to finissh your 12th standard with maths and science as main subjects to pusue bachelors in Nursing in canada.. You would be asked to write IELTS and the score should be 6.5.....  

Also the nursing courses in Canada will have limited seats for international students. So you have much competition and make sure your  academics are really good.

All the Best!...
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